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04 Sep

Welcome to Presidio Benefits Group’s new website, complete with our new Benefits Briefing blog. Our last site was launched in 2011. Remember then? We were coming out of the Great Recession, the federal government was offering COBRA subsidies and no one knew what to expect from the Affordable Care Act.

Here we are, four years later. A lot has changed.

On the positive side:

  • The US economy has been slowly but steadily growing
  • National medical trend has decreased 2.5% since 2011
  • New modes of care, like telehealth, are gaining traction and have the potential to impact the cost of healthcare
  • Employee engagement is in the spotlight as nearly half of US employers offer a Consumer Driven Health Plan and it’s putting pressure on healthcare providers and insurers to be more transparent about cost and quality metrics
  • Wellness initiatives are maturing into Population Health Management strategies

On the other hand, it’s a challenging time for mid-sized employers who need to offer competitive and affordable employee benefit packages that help them recruit and retain top talent.

  • CFOs rank rising healthcare costs as their number one concern for the third year in a row
  • 80% of employees believe that a well-communicated benefits package would make them less likely to leave their job but only 1 in 5 HR professionals think their benefits communications are “very effective” at educating employees
  • We now know the impact of ACA on employee benefit programs – it’s leaving a trail of confusion and despair as employers try to meet its varying demands and it’s threatening the foundation of employee benefits as more than 25% of employers prepare to pay the Cadillac Tax in 2018
  • The convergence of benefits administration, payroll and HRIS systems becomes more critical each year but the field is crowded and it’s hard to know which systems will deliver on their promises

The team at Presidio Benefits Group is passionate about bringing solutions to employers who grapple with these and other benefits-related challenges. On the new site, you’ll learn about our solutions related to cost, compliance, employee engagement and HR technology. And you’ll find information about our services and see how we help employers in the Bay Area and beyond move employee benefits from a cost to an investment.

We invite you to tour the new site and let us know what you think. There are many ways to connect with us. Consider subscribing to The Benefits Briefing Blog, we’ll bring you a variety of perspectives plus news you can use each week.

You might also be interested in our LinkedIn or Twitter pages where we post new articles daily or our Facebook page where we focus more on our culture and community involvement.


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Successful outcomes, one engagement at a time.

  • I have extensive experience in working with benefits advisors and can unequivocally say Presidio is excellent!  Alan and his team have done a great job for Ikanos.  They are effective at both the strategic and tactical levels.  As advisors, they are knowledgeable on trends  and proactively engage in a process so we can  plan future steps.  They have done a good job for us in the traditional benefits broker roles of  negotiating rates and changing carriers when necessary.  In addition to the higher  level and strategic functions, they are an extra pair of hands to our lean benefits department in helping us and our employees navigate when  issues, such as claim administration,  arise with a  particular carrier.  We have had a great five year plus relationship with Presidio!

    - Jim Murphy, Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Ikanos
  • I have worked with Presidio for several years.  I have found them to be professional in all our dealings.  Our company has had several changes to go through due to our size, structure, and new ACA rulings.  Presidio is very knowledgeable and has given us suggestions/options to make our changes and transitions much smoother and with no disruption to the company or our employees.  They are always proactive with our renewals, negotiating lower increases with our providers.  This makes my job less stressful and I am very appreciative of all the support they provide our company.

    - Teresa Barnhart, Director of Administrative Services, NagraStar
  • Presidio Benefits Group has always, and continues to, exceed our expectations for client support, while being strategic, yet practical – a true and trusted partner when tackling the many challenges of offering a comprehensive, competitive, compliant, yet cost-effective, employee benefits package. They are a true extension of our HR department, proactively helping us navigate the ever-changing landscape of employee benefit and wellness programs.

    - Cori Ekman, Vice President, Human Resources, Nagra Kudelski
  • Matt Coan and his team have provided us with outstanding client service. They have a great understanding of our needs and exhibit pro-active leadership in dealing with carriers, our employees’ claims issues and the increasingly difficult areas of compliance.  This is our first year in a self insured “captive” and they have been our partner throughout the process.  There are many insurance brokers offering a variety of services, but there only a few that are true professionals like the team at Presidio Benefits Group.  They don’t just show up once a year at renewal time, but are professionals that support our needs throughout the plan year.

    - Cheryl Rankin, Director of Human Resources, DGA
  • Presidio makes the complicated world of benefits easy. This is important because the benefits we offer our staff are such a critical part of retaining outstanding talent, and the landscape is always changing. I can count on Presidio to provide me with accurate and timely information with warmth and expertise.

    - Gregg Solimine, Human Resources & Administration Manager, The Women's Foundation of California
  • We have been working with PBG since 2009, they really have been great partners helping us navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape.  We genuinely try to offer the best benefits program we can to our employees and their families, PBG gets this and works with us to achieve that.

    - Carolynn Smith, Associate, Forell/Elsesser
  • We have worked with Presidio Benefits Group for over 10 years, we are solicited by brokers all year round for our business, I wouldn’t trust our employees’ benefits to anyone but the Presidio Benefits Group. They are always very quick to respond to our needs and they always go above and beyond to solve individual employee needs and resolve any carrier issues we might have! Alan Ikeya and his team are the very best at what they do!

    - Cheryl Maclennan, Human Resources/Sales & Marketing, Pool Covers, Inc.
  • We have been partnering with the Presidio Benefits Group for over three years and our experience with them has been outstanding.  Presidio is such a strategic partner as they really think outside the box to ensure we have a comprehensive and competitive benefits package which has contributed to our ability to attract and retain highly talented staff.  Not only is the Presidio’s top-notch team very ethical, personable and professional, they have an in depth knowledge of the benefits landscape and proactively support us in the areas of compliance, mitigating increasing healthcare costs, implementing best practices and navigating the complexities of benefits laws (e.g. ACA).  Hands down, Presidio is the best benefits broker around.

    - Christa Brothers, Vice President, Human Resources, Earthjustice
  • When I joined Gild, I knew it was time to reassess the effectiveness of our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) relationship. Presidio helped me build a strategy to move benefits in-house and less than two months after our initial meeting, Gild had a comprehensive benefits program up and running. I couldn’t have done it without the Presidio team. Their level of care and attention to me and my employees makes them a true partner.

    - Brittany Brown Ceres, VP of Employee Success , Gild, Inc.
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